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Four Horsemen

Mythic Legions: Illythia Vallak Figure (Illythia's Brood)

Mythic Legions: Illythia Vallak Figure (Illythia's Brood)

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The Illythia figure wave was first revealed during the third annual G-con event. This second wave (Areythr being the first) introduces a "dark god" of the Mythic Legions story to the toy line and pitted their namesake faction against a heroic faction sworn to oppose them.

Stealthy, nimble, and cunning, falconer Vallak—the tracker of The White Spine—is often an early omen of impending doom. The first to scout out enemy territory, Vallak relies on his falcon Cinder to serve as an additional set of eyes and ears in the wild.

With the return of Illythia, it is Vallak’s mission to infiltrate the kingdom of Xylonia and to carve a clear path to Castle Silverhorn in hopes it will lead to its eventual conquest

Product Features

  • Articulated original figure
  • Part of the Mythic Legions series
  • Illythia figure wave
  • Includes weapons and accessories
  • Faction: Illythia's Brood
  • Race: Vampire
  • Role: Falconer

Box Contents

  • Vallak figure
  • Sword and sheath
  • Short bow
  • Quiver
  • Falcon companion Cinder
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